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Punk is d... Alive and well

Punk is dead. In today’s climate of ‘snowflakes’ and millennials, when their worst nightmare is having someone block them on Instagram rather than being politically pursued for what they believe in, there is absolutely no way punk can be alive, right? Wrong. While that may be true for the whole ‘insta-model’ generation, there are still some extremely talented punks out there and nervous dogs are here to prove that.

There are so many things I’d like to post about this band. I’d love to go into details about their past songs, I’d love to give a shout out to their excellent ‘Fxck Brexit’ song (got me right in the mood for the election) and I’d love to talk about the potential this band may have. However, today, let’s talk about their newest single, Anti-Social and the release show they did on the 14th December.

The show, which took place at the The City Arms in Canterbury, seemed to be cursed from the start. First, the venue had to be changed because the original place having to cancel all shows that week due to unforeseen circumstances. Then, on the day, there were heaps of troubles with missing cables, mics not working, drumsticks breaking. Nervous Dogs were far from nervous though- they dealt with it all is it came and gave a hell of a show. Big shout out here to Josh Earles from King For A Day for sorting out the new venue.

The show itself was brilliant. Even though the limitations of the new venue were great (space being the main one), all the bands on the day gave it their best and created a hell of a show. King For a Day opened things up, warming everyone up nicely for Nervous Dogs. The venue was packed to the brim with people, who were there to listen to the new music Nervous Dogs wanted to play.

As simplistic as punk rock can be, there is no denying that it’s high intensity beats and catchy guitar parts will get anyone’s heart rate up. Nervous Dogs are not afraid to pounce on that. Their energetic style will get you off your arse and rocking out to their tunes in no time. The beauty of punk-rock is that it is simple, and the lyrics are full of anti-authoritarian statements and rejections against the mainstream. Punk rock is designed to be rough, unrefined and simplistic. Nervous Dogs are a punk rock band through and through.

Their newest single, Anti-Social, is simply incredible. With a catchy tune and lyrics focused around social media and how people judge everything we do, it might possibly be the best song I have heard from a local band in a while. Not because it’s full of fancy, sophisticated riffs (because it’s not, it’s punk rock!) but because everything in the song compliments itself. The lyrics talk about how we become attention whores and drift apart because we don’t talk to each other face to face. The slow, almost ballad-like verses highlight how mundane our lives can be. We are more connected yet disconnected. All we do is sit there with our faces behind a screen, judging each other’s lives, being slaves to social media. First verse finishes with the words “go against the grain and switch the modem off” before the song bursts to life with a fast, choppy drum part and a heavy guitar riff, sort of as if switching the modem off brought us back to life. Punk. As. Fuck.

It’s a bold song. It’s a song that brings up a very valid argument against social media, it makes a political statement against the greedy who “buy everything we got and sell it for double”. It’s a stand against internet companies who “sell your information” and enable the government to track everything we do and know “your every location”. It talks about how “society judges me when I do fucking anything”. It’s punk rock through and through, talking about the modern problems we are faced with.

Overall, this is a great song and an incredible statement from Nervous Dogs. The way the song is presented is incredible. The way it was launched was also great. The guys gave their all against the adversity they were faced with and were extremely professional. There were moments when I wished that rather than be behind a camera, I was in the middle of the crowd moshing, because with the energy those guys have, they’d get a corpse up on its feet.

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