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Pickpockets make a splash with their new single

After the little break we took at the beginning of the year, we are back with a brand-new review and if you’re a fan of indie rock, you are in for a treat.

Pickpockets made a surprise entry on to my most listened to list for April. Surprising, because 2 weeks prior to the list updating, they were unknown to me. This just goes to show what a great bunch of musicians they are, to be able to hook me into their music so much despite so many great music being released (looking at you Enter Shikari). Hailing from Brighton, the four piece is an epitome of what an indie rock band should be. A fresh sound, catchy riffs, a nice, clean voice and great lyricism – they have it all. Pickpockets are made up of Laurie McMahon (guitar / vocals), Matt Cruse (guitar), Em Lodge (bass) and Maya McCathie (drums).

‘Monolith’, the newest single from their upcoming EP. The song perfectly sums up of what Pickpockets are capable of achieving. The melancholic vibe coupled with a powerful message behind the lyrics will have your attention glued to the track. Laurie’s voice is perfect at grabbing you by the throat and paint the picture he wants you to see. The airy sound of the guitar makes it particularly easy on the ear, while anchoring itself in your mind for a long time. The bassline and drums help to tie everything together to create an incredible piece of art.

Although to me ‘Monolith’ has an almost melancholic feel, there are also plenty of joyful moments, particularly just after the soothing solo, when the song bursts back to life giving you the feeling of empowerment.

Monolith is by far one of my favourite songs right now and puts Pickpockets high up on my most-played artists this month. I am very excited for their upcoming EP, which unfortunately had to be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. With this being their first EP, it is easy to understand why they have made the difficult decision to move the release date back by a few months and to be honest, it makes me even more excited for it because I know Laurie, Matt, Em and Maya will do everything they can to make it super special.

Check out Monolith on Spotify!

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