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MOR9H is here with his debut single "Maniac"

For the past few years, Brexit is all that people, media and politicians have been talking about. It gave inspiration to a lot of musicians and some great songs have been created thanks to that absolute shitshow of a campaign. Ross Allchurch, aka MOR9H ("morph"), is here with his take on the political stance of Britain and the ever-changing post-Brexit attitudes of the British public.

When I was first contacted by MOR9H I was really excited by the prospect of reviewing his debut single. What I didn’t know, is just how incredible that piece of art would be. Everything works so well – the composition of the song, the lyrics, the blend of rock and electronic sounds, the choreography in the video…

His solo project was born after discovering a series of MiniDiscs he had recorded over 10 years ago for an album he thought got wiped. Since recording the series, MOR9H has been making a name for himself as a composer around London, working on various projects, such as creating music for 201 Dance Company &TedEd and being chosen over Max Richter for a commission of the premiere 'Home' by the Chicago Joffrey Ballet. He decided to use his professional experience, skills and the newly re-discovered MiniDiscs to work on a debut album.

His debut single “Maniac” talks about how in recent years racism and fascism became more widespread in our society. With the two Evil Twins of Doom in charge of 2 of the most powerful countries on earth, more people are coming out with their skewed idea of what society should look like, and MOR9H is not afraid to call them out on that.

The experience he has gained from his work writing music professionally certainly shines through in “Maniac”. A brilliantly composed piece which uses every imaginable way to toy with your emotion. “Maniac” builds tension perfectly with the use of a heavier sound in the main body of the song resulting in your attention being nailed to the track. It then decrescendos into a calm, melancholic sound, leaving you longing for more.

The clever repetition of the word “Maniac” in the chorus makes it particularly easy to listen and sing along to, while also making a perfect use of the powerful meaning of the world to show how sick our world currently is. Although the lyrics aren’t very long, just two short verses and the word “Maniac” as chorus, they paint a perfect picture of the current reality – powerful fat cats of politics “running in circles, while others are stuck in the mud”, often fighting for survival. The message of the song is clear and powerful.

"Maniac" is by far one of the most exciting singles I have heard in recent months, and its powerful message and excellent structure make me really excited to hear more from MOR9H in the future. The video for "Maniac" is out now and you can watch it below, and the single will be available to stream from next week - follow MOR9H on his facebook page to make sure you don't miss it!

By Casper

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