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Delaire, The Liar - bringing magic to every show

Updated: May 2, 2019

With their fresh approach and ideas, incredible chemistry on stage and music that wants to rip your guts out, it's quite easy to see why they have an amazing future ahead of them.

Ffin (Guitar and Vocals) and Joey (drums) getting ready to rock the place

Delaire, The Liar are a duo based in London, consisting of Ffin Colley and Joey Brayshaw. A duo, I hear you ask? Yes. As crazy as it seems, they're a two piece and you know what? I love it. Their fresh and unique approach coupled with their aggressive sound and clever lyrics make for a great starting ground for what can be a very bright future. Formed in the summer of 2018, the band has experienced a rapid growth in a relatively short amount of time. Shortly after Joey and Ffin's baby band was born, they have been approached by none other than Creeper to see if they wanted to open their one off show at Koko in November 2018. They were one of the best opening acts I have ever seen. Now lets fast forward a few months. They have recently announced they will be playing at 2000 Trees and Camden Rocks, which, as they admit, is extremely exciting for them! They're also about to embark on a UK tour with Chapter & Verse and I promise you, if you have a chance to catch them, you will be instantly hooked.

"Your new favourite band" - Upset Magazine

Being an opening act is never easy. Fans gathering, waiting for the headliner and your job is to get them in the mood and fired up. And getting people excited is what Delaire, The Liar does well. Their energy, their passion for music and in-your-face vibe will get any crowd going. This is a band that is like no other. First of all, there is only two of them yet you don’t get the feeling like something is missing. On the contrary, everything is so well balanced that I feel like adding something else would simply take away from how incredible this band is. Ffin and Joey also have a very special friendship. Their chemistry on stage is second to none. The way they stare at each other right before the show starts, when they hug right after it finishes. It all adds magic to their shows. Ffin's high energy persona is reflected on stage as well. With his beefy riffs, incredible voice and powerful lyrics, he will take you on a journey to a place full of hope and positivity, where you will be able to discover just how important it is to tell yourself you are good enough or that your friends will not be disappointed in you if you encounter a hiccup in your life. They're all there to support you. Joey's loud, energetic and heavy drum beats will make you want to throw whatever you are holding and start dancing, bouncing around the place and spin kick the shit out of your surroundings.

It is hard to describe Delaire The Liar to someone who hasn't heard them before. Think Alexisonfire meets early days My Chemical Romance. That still isn't completely accurate though, as Delaire are simply a band like no other out there. Trust me when I say this; these guys have an incredible future ahead of them. If you're one of those people who hates following the crowd and being a sheep, jumping on bandwagon or whatever you want to call it, then do yourself a favour and go check out their music on Spotify now, before you find yourself chasing that crowd like a teenage girl chasing Justin Bieber.

If you would like to find out more about the band, I have caught up with the boys before their show at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston-Upon-Thames and will post the interview soon, so keep your eyes peeled! "One Of Us Is The Killer", the newest single by Delaire the Liar is out now! Check out the video here

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