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A Freakishly Awesome Halloween Show

Halloween. The only time of the year for people to show off their wicked, twisted imagination. The time of the year when you can finally let that psycho side of you off the leash. Everyone loves it. What could possibly be better than Halloween?! The answer is simple… A Halloween themed gig!

Stingray promotions were back with another Halloween show this year, once again taking place at UCA in Canterbury and once again being a great show. Cheap booze, low admission cost and good music. What else do you want? Oh, and the amazing prizes they had up for grabs for the best costumes! (I’m still pissed I didn’t win the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge vinyl). Stingray Promotions have done an outstanding job with this show, especially when it comes to the bands they invited…

King For A Day

Starting the evening off, King For A Day describe themselves as a hard rock band from Kent and there’s definitely something intriguing about their style. It might have been their ‘The Black Parade’ style make up, but it sounded like My Chemical Romance had a rather big influence on their band and those of you who know me will know that I’m a sucker for anything to do with MCR (STILL pissed I didn’t win that vinyl…). While their stage presence could do with some more charisma, there is no question about whether or not these guys can rock. A big shout out here goes to Richie Lee Dawes (drums). His in your face fills would get a retirement home moshing till they die. He’s got that something about him that screams out ‘LOOK AT ME!’ and is one of the most enjoyable drummers to watch in the South East region. King For A Day are a band worth keeping your eye on, and I am very interested to see where they end up going. They have a lot of potential and it is up to them to make sure they fulfil it the best they can. Go do yourself a favour and go listen to their music right here. While you’re at it, give them a like on facebook too!


Second on the line-up were a band I was really looking forward to seeing. Highgarden, a math-rock band from Kent, got in touch with me a couple of month ago asking if I can review their new single, Apex. I was absolutely gutted I couldn’t do it (I was getting absolutely shitfaced on Jagerbombs and spilling said J-bombs on my laptop while on holiday, soz boys). It honestly is one of the best singles by a local band I have heard in a while and now that I have seen them play live, I regret it even more. Henry Vinsen (guitar), Tom Dale (bass), Joe Inkpen (Guitar) and Richard Moores (guitar and vocals) did a colossal job getting people warmed up for the headliner. Their riffs and stage presence are reminiscent of Biffy Clyro and maybe a little of At A Drive In and you can certainly hear the influence of both in their music. Unfortunately for them, they don’t really have a drummer, with the position being filled by gusts over the last couple of months. Tom Smith of Hounding has done a few shows with them this year and while he has been doing an incredible job, you can’t help but feel they lack a little identity because of this. However, don’t let that sway you away from giving them a good listen. They are an energetic and well-balanced band, with an excellent stage presence and huge characters in the band. Richard and Henry are also an absolute joy to talk to between the sets and are happy to talk to you about what the band is up to. It is a real shame I wasn’t able to review Apex for them earlier this year because that song is an absolute banger! You can listen to Apex here and you can find these awesome motherfuckers on their facebook page too.


Hounding were the headliner for the night. I’m not going to waste my breath on them anymore, they’re always awesome. The end.

On a serious note, Hounding gave us a glimpse of what the future holds for them. They were in a studio recording for their new release over the weekend and honestly, you are in for a TREAT! They have played some songs they are working on and I already cannot wait to hear the full thing. They have recently signed to Easter Island Records so it should be a great release. Hounding had the whole place rocking to the sound of their new tunes and although one can accuse them of cruelty towards spider people (Spiderman looked so depressed at times, you’d think they’d served him Uncle Ben’s for lunch), they can definitely make up for it with their performance. I said this time and time again, Hounding are a band to watch and they proved me right again. Their emo-like lyrics coupled with some awesome riffs, funky bass lines and incredible drum work by Tom Smith. I’m not sure if it was the addition of Spiderman (Stu Palmer's alter ego for the show, bass), El’s (vocals) new hairdo or the addition of a new member of the band (for live shows anyway), but that was their best show I have seen. They had an incredible night and the whole place was going mental at Spew. It’s hard to imagine a mosh pit in a venue with 20 people inside, yet they’ve gone and done just that. Speaking of new additions, Josh Smith (guitar, brother of Tom) will be joining Hounding at their live shows. It was only his second show with them, and he has done an awesome job. I think this addition will suit Hounding and their style and it will be interesting to see what Josh will bring in to their live performances. One thing a band in today’s world has to be able to do is to evolve, and Hounding are evolving from an adorable Pikachu into a fearsome Raichu. You can listen to Hounding on their Spotify right here, and follow them on facebook here.

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