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The Sweet Distortion and it's history

The Sweet Distortion was born out of passion for music and admiration for all the creators who open themselves up to the world and share what they feel, think and experience in their lives. It is part of an ongoing project called "My Sweet Innocence" where I'd love to explore the beauty within humans (despite how well hidden it may be). The idea for the blog was born out of my passion for photography and a suggestion of a professional who recommended having a side project alongside photography. TSD's main aim will be to provide local talent a platform to show off their new creations. There will be reviews, interviews, special features and guest blog posts made by local authors and musicians. However, as I embark on this journey, there is no doubt the blog will evolve. I'd love to be able to feature a weekly special interview with bands that are already well established. Who knows what the future holds for TSD!

My Sweet Innocence is a project that has been a part of my life since 2010. It was born during one lunch time at school when my friends and I have decided to start a band. We wanted to create music that had a powerful drive; heavy distortion, loud drums and powerful vocals. However, we also wanted to explore topics that were close to us all; our everyday struggles, depression, love, passion, heartbreak... This is how the name was born. There are demons living inside us all, but there is also beauty and innocence, hidden away, waiting to be discovered. This was also reflected in the choice of our logo, a rose- beautiful and gentle flower, the symbol for love and passion which is marred with its thorns.

Although our music career came to an end quicker than Rebecca Black's five minutes of fame, the My Sweet Innocence never died. It stayed with me to this day, provided me with a set of rules I lived by and the opportunity to look at the world from a completely different perspective. It's now time to put it to good use...

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